Moultrie A-30 Game Camera “The Complete In-Depth Review”

Adventurous games nowadays are the most common means of passing free time. What if all your gaming memory is clicked and saved visually. Well sounds interesting, but rather than enjoying the game who’s gonna waste time clicking just photographs? You didn’t need to take tension just enjoy your game and let Moultrie A-30 Game Camera do this photography job for you.

The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera will click all your game pictures automatically by just a simple motion. Which means you can simply enjoy your game and at the same time all your game memory will be saved. So let’s have a look at this trail camera to know more about it.

Some Exciting Features of Moultrie A-30 Game Camera

Discreet flash capability – The camera comes with an infrared flash. Which increases the picture quality of the camera in the day as well as in the night time. The infrared flash ranges to 70-foot long. Which enables the camera to click clear pictures for a long distance. The flash is also anti-glow which cant be realized by any human being or any animal. You can play your adventurous game and you will not even realize that your pictures have been clicked.

The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera will get so many perfect shots and at the same time, your game will not be disturbed. The camera also includes an IR sensor whose range is 60-foot. Which means it doesn’t matter if you are playing near or far from the camera. The camera will detect the movement and capture some perfect shots.

When it comes to the best trail camera then the infrared flash is one of my first priorities, because it is the feature that makes a device better than other available options. And I choose this amazing gadget to review here, because of the amazing features and the latest world-class technologies that the device comes with.

It lets you use those features for which you may need to pay a handsome amount, and in this device, you can get all the superb features with such a budget price tag. So, my dear, readers, I would like to tell you one thing, that before taking a decision just read out this article till the end, and then take a decision for your money, because money is the most important thing that we earning. And we should take care of everything before investing our money in any device. So, let’s scroll down the page to check out more features about of this excellent device.

High-Performance photos and videos – The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera have a crisp clear 12 megapixels image resolution. Also, it provides a low 1920 x 1080 px or a high 4608 x 2592 px resolution. Which provides you an option to select a suitable one among all for better picture quality. This is a unique and also an amazing feature which is available in only limited camera making Moultrie A-30 Game Camera the best game camera.

The camera also records 15-seconds video in 1280 x 720p quality. The image and video are made in a ratio of 16:9. Giving you the proper details of the game. You can even detect any cheating or mishappening taking place in the game. The video recorded is short but absolutely clear and recorded in high quality with IR flash.

Common But Useful Features of Moultrie A-30 Game Camera

Moultrie A-30 Trail Camera

Image mode options – The device has an option of choosing motion detection delay. Which enables the camera to delay image capture after 5, 15 or 30 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes. This feature helps to conserve battery life and increase the working capacity of the camera. You also get a choice between the selection of single-shot or multi-shot. It is the option which is used to order the camera to click the single picture or more than one picture at a time.

This gadget has a trigger speed of 0.7 seconds. Which detects the motion very fast and click a perfect picture. Now all the modes can be switched very easily with the help of the camera’s friendly custom segment display feature. Which is also an amazing feature present in this game camera. Else what is needed in the best trail camera of 2018?

Wireless mobile compatibility – The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera can easily connect with a Moultrie Field Modem (which is sold separately). It provides greater scouting flexibility. Via a wireless connection with a Moultrie Mobile system. It helps to transmit images easily from camera to your phone from a wireless connection. It also provides scouting information to you at the time you are on your go. Now, this is also an amazing feature which is very much needed at the time of scouting.

IP66 Waterproof Protection- Another amazing thing about this device is that it is waterproof and is a very long living device. It didn’t get affected by heat, water, dust or even snow. So, you could use this amazing device irrespective of the climatic conditions. No matter what is the climate out there, but this device is always going to be there to provide you with amazing photography.

When you are spending money on something, you expect it to last for a very long period. And this amazing device is going to be the right choice in terms of durability. And you are never going to regret your choice for sure. And you are surely going to love this durable as well as reliable device.

Durable, Reliable else what you expect?

Small, yet Sturdy – The small in size Moultrie A-30 Game Camera is housed with a coverage. The coverage protects it from dust, air, water, snow as well as heat. The camera can survive every type of weather. It doesn’t matter whether it is hot, cold or rainy. The camera will complete its task for sure. The camera also has a 1/4-20 threaded tripod inserted in the bottom of the case. It also includes a 72-inch mountain strap. Which makes the camera easy to carry as well as simple to install wherever the wild adventurous game is happening.

Reliable Battery Power – The camera includes 8 AA battery. With this much of battery, The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera can capture 16000 images before losing its power. So a hunt can be planned before changing its battery. Which means you can enjoy your hunt without any interruption of this trail camera. For long battery backup in harsh weather, you can simply use lithium battery instead.

Memory storage – The camera supports external memory up to 32 GB. Which provides you with capturing lots and lots of pictures from your camera. The camera also has info strip imprint data on each image. It includes camera ID, Time, date and moon phase.

The Perfect Wildlife Shooter – I am a big fan of wildlife photography, and whenever I plan a camping or something like wildlife adventure, then I always take care of my backpack, that I have the proper tools or not, and trust me guys trail camera is the first priority that I need while camping or scouting.

Because it is the gadget that can capture some of the high-quality and the rare views of our wildlife adventure or the wildlife camping, and also it can create the proper captures of the animal’s activity, so that you can have some of the best captures of the animal’s activities that you can miss from your eyes.

Just all you need to mount this excellent and the best trail camera at the place from where it can capture the view properly, and that’s it, now you can do anything that you want, and the Moultrie A-30 Game Camera trail camera will be capturing everything for you. So, if you are planning for camping or the scouting then, you should buy the best trail camera for you right now, you can buy this device for you.

Because I used it personally, and I don’t have any issue with the device, even I found the device really amazing and it can perform excellently in every condition, because it supports the latest world-class technologies and comes with the superb and the tons of amazing features, so you give a try to this device, and it will never let you down in terms of performance and the features.

Moultrie A-30 Game Camera


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Reliable Battery Power
  • Water, dust, heat resistance
  • Wireless Mobile compatibility
  • Different Image Mode
  • IR Flash
  • High-Performance Photos and Videos
  • Memory Storage


  • Limited storage, but 32 GB of external storage is more than enough
  • Record video for just 15 seconds, but small and large in numbers of the video is ok

Final Views About Moultrie A-30 Game Camera

The camera is outstanding. More and more exciting features. The camera has so much unique and amazing features which are the best part of this camera. Its small size and attractive looks are hard to find. It is trending as well as has lots of positive ratings on Amazon.

The camera can be easily hidden in nature because if its small size and color. The camera didn’t need any more praising. Its amazing features are enough to praise this camera. I recommend you this camera. This will provide you with lost of amazing features and facilities.

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