Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera “Complete In-Depth Review”

Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera Review

The most important things needed by a hunter obviously except for his gun is a trail camera. A trail camera is hunter”s hunt partner. What’s best if the camera has some lots of amazing features. Well, the Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera do have lots of outstanding features.

You will surely gonna like the camera. The Cuddeback is a top rated company which is making amazing trade cameras for a long time. The Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera is having amazing features. Let’s take a look at its amazing features and other important things of this trail camera.

Features That Make Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera Different From Others

Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Camera

Faster Trigger Speed- Many of you might be planning to buy the best trail camera, and here I am gonna give you the complete review of this best game camera so that you can understand the features of this amazing device properly. And you will understand the device is good or not.

So, very first, I would like to start with the trigger speed of the device, because it is the main highlight of the device, it comes with the super fast trigger speed that you can not get in any other device with the similar price category, I found this device performing really well, and can not be compared with the other available devices.

Trigger speed is one of the most important things that we should take care while searching or purchasing the best trail camera because it is the only thing by which a trail camera can capture those rare views that we can miss from our eyes. Because if we are buying a trail camera then we are investing our money in a device just to capture some of the rarest animal activities, and that can be captured only with the super fast trigger speed.

The Cuddeback trail game hunting camera has a trigger speed of 1/4 seconds which means 0.25 seconds. Well, now that’s what we called the fastest trigger speed. The speed is around 4 times faster than many other trail cameras.

With this speed, I don’t think that any perfect shot will ever be missed by this amazing trail camera. The trigger distance is also very long. Which means all the important shots will be captured really fast and even from a very long distance.

The Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera also has a very fast recovery time. After clicking a shot the camera is ready to click another within just 1 second. So each and every moment of your hunt or game will be easily captured.

Not even a single moment will be left by this trail camera. So if you are looking to capture some memory of your hunt or your adventurous game. Well, then this camera is the best game camera for you.

Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera Review

High-Quality Images – Now let’s talk about the most important thing about the device even it is the most important thing for every camera device. I am talking about the images and video quality, because if we are investing our money in a camera then it must be able to capture some high quality and the perfect shots.

So, my dear readers, let me tell you that this device comes with a very high-quality image and video quality, so it is completely able to give you the perfect wildlife photography experience, and with this amazing trail camera, you will enjoy your wildlife trip, your camping or anything else that you are planning.

The Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera clicks 20 MP clear-cut image which is more than enough. The picture clicked by this camera is amazing. The camera also has an advanced CMOS image sensor. So, it has the capability to take your passion to the next level, and you will get the best experience ever.

And the CMOS image sensor enhances color as well as clarity of the pictures. It also extends its low-light performance and increases its night illumination range. This feature also reduces its IR motion blur which is essential for this much fast trigger speed.

With clear picture quality and reduction in the blur, this becomes the best trail cam. The pictures clicked by this camera can be zoomed in and the details can be looked after, Because of it’s 20 MP high-quality camera.

Zone Control- The Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera has a unique feature of zone control. You can adjust the zone and focus of the camera by this feature. You can select wide view or centralized view as you like.

The wide view is generally suitable for the fields. Whereas the centralized view is good for trails. So you can select mode according to your preference. Providing you with the best pictures you are looking for.

Long flash range- The camera has a 100-foot flash range. Which enables you to click clear pictures for a long distance. The flash helps you to take clear pictures in the night time.

As most of the animals come out at the night time. So maximum shots can be clicked in the night time. So it is really important that the camera clicks clear pictures at night time especially.

Looks And Physical Features

Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Cam

The camera is very classy. Size is ok. With 12 x 6.6 x 4 inches dimensions the camera is not so small but also not very large. And the camera weighs 1.25 pounds. Which is very lightweight. Which makes the camera portable.

Also because of its size and weight, it becomes very easy to move the camera. It also becomes easy to install it. The camera is also waterproof. It can work amazingly even in different climate conditions also. It is also with high temperature. So it will not be exhausted because of overheat.

It looks really impressive and the perfect for every wildlife trip because it comes with the compact design and the very decent looks, so you will feel the quality of the device, and I am damn sure that it can impress you with the very first look on it. And the very first this is, it can be easily hidden in the forest or somewhere else.

So, the animals can not realize that something it trying to capture their activities, and with the infrared flash technology the animals will not be disturbed and their activities will be captured in the super excellent quality so that you can get the perfectly detailed captures of every wildlife activity.


  • Waterproof
  • Superfast recovery speed
  • 100-foot flash range
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Zone control
  • High quality 20 MP images
  • IR flash


  • Clicks black and white pictures at night. But the quality is clear and this is the most common thing every camera does the same

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Final views about Cuddeback 20 MP Trail Game Hunting Camera

According to me, the camera is good, and the features are nice. The quality is good, and the brand is also trusted and providing amazing facilities even after sale also.  No wonder it has very good ratings on Amazon. It is providing a really amazing picture quality. So those who didn’t like to compromise with quality Should definitely go for this camera for sure.

And, I would like to say one thing that if you are going for a camping or the scouting then you should buy this best trail camera right now, and I can assure that you will never see any quality compromise in the device, and you will get it the best device that can give you the amazing features that you can not get in other available devices with the similar price tag.

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