Akaso Trail Camera (Reviews) Complete In-Depth

Got interested in wildlife? here I have The best trail camera for you to capture all the wildlife with some simple clicks. Akaso Trail Camera gives you the experience of the best kind of wildlife or can keep a watch on your property.

Akaso is producing devices for a long time and had great ratings on Amazon, even Akaso 14MP Trail Camera has 4 out of 5 ratings on Amazon. So let’s take a look at the device and its special features.

Eye-catching features of Akaso Trail Camera

Clear picture quality- The device captures 14MP clear high-performance photos. It also makes videos of 2-3 minutes with 1080p high definition video quality. It also records sound along with the video.

The camera has very fast sensors and includes multi shot which means it clicks 3 clear crystal cut photos. This is its special point, and make it the best game camera. The picture quality is amazing in the daytime as well as at night time. It clicks black and white but clear pictures at night time.

Night Vision- This device has an automatic infrared sensor to detect each and every motion clearly and take pictures. The camera detects more clear motion and can click more clear pictures at night time.

With 24 infrared LEDs which clicks the more clear picture at night. And the animals didn’t even get to know that their pictures have been clicked. The infrared detection ranges up to 20 meters (65 ft)

Features which makes Akaso 14MP trail camera the best

Waterproof – The Akaos 14MP trail comes with IP66 waterproofing technology. this gaming camera is fully covered with a waterproof case.

Which enables it to face different weather condition. Like rain, dust, and it can also be used in the rainforest. Not only water, but it also prevents from dust, scratches etc.

Easy installation- Theis best trail camera is short in size and comes with essential things needed to install it. Which makes it easy to install and simple to change its position. It can also be placed from one place to another very quickly and easy.

Speed and power

Trigger Speed- The camera comes with the fast trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. Which means the camera is capable of capturing the motion quickly and accurately. The trigger distance range up to 20 meters (65 ft). which means none of your essential moments will be leftover, each and every moment of yours will be captured.

Battery- 4 AA size battery is required, which gives a long backup. You didn’t have to always run for charging just simply replace the weak battery with the charged one and again start recording. Its battery usage makes it the best wireless camera of all time. Also, the installation of 8 batteries can improve its usage up to even 6 months.

Design and Sensors

Akaso 12MP Trail Cam

Looks and Design- Its trendy looks and classy design attracts people to it. The color combination is matching with the trees so that the camera can be easily hidden and become undetectable. Its different looks and colors make it cool to be used for gaming, teenagers mostly like its looks.

It matches with all the places like out of your house for security, or in jungles for capturing your adventurous as well as for wildlife photography.

120 Degree angle- The camera has a 120 Degree angle for wast coverage. Which means none of your moment will be left. All the moment will be detected and recorded by this 120-degree angle sensor of this trail cam.

Akaso 12MP Trail Cam Review

Some more additional features

Some more exciting features are there like temperature setting to work in different temperatures. date and time setting are also there, it also has an option of timer shooting to shoot according to the time set.

It also has real-time replay as well as time lapse. The camera can also be protected by a password for the security and privacy of the camera. The camera also has a 2.0 USB port and a 2.4-inch color screen. You didn’t need to connect it to any device to look at the pictures and videos, it can be seen on the small screen of the camera only.


  • Night vision
  • Clear picture and HD video quality
  • 120 Degree angle
  • Attractive looks and Design
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Long battery backup
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof


  • Can be affected by sun rays, but this problem can be solved by setting the camera in a proper angle
  • Some pictures can be affected by raindrop on the lens, but it is not so large a problem
  • The screen is small in size, but it is intentionally there keeping in mind the size and battery usage of the camera

Final verdicts about Akaso 14MP Trail Camera

According to me, the trail camera is worth spending money. It works amazingly, really lenient and can be used in every weather. The camera can face a different temperature, and it is durable and has a great picture and video quality.

It loaded with lots an lots of features which makes is the best wireless game camera. Spending money on this trail camera is totally worth it.

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