AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera “Complete Review 2022”

Today I am gonna review one of the best game camera 2018 and that is AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera. This wireless trail camera is a waterproof device. And this is the best quality of this trail camera. Because trail cameras are used the whole day and whole night and for several months.

So game cameras should be weather resistant that can bear and work in every weather condition. And AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera can work even in harsh conditions. And this hunting camera is also affordable so you don’t need to worry about the price also. AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera has a 98ft detection range. The camera is also amazing.

It takes 16MP full-color images and 1080p HD videos clips with sound. So the camera quality of this best game camera is also amazing which is the most needed feature. And if we talk about the angle coverage then this amazing trail camera offers the 130-degree wide-ranging coverage.

So this was a brief description of AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera. And after reading this brief description of this best hunting camera, hope you guys have also understood that this trail cam is best for the users. And now I will give a complete description of this product so that you will get to know more about this device. And after reading these features with full description, you will be able to take a better decision for yourself.

Eye-Catching Features Of AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera

AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera Review

Design: So the first thing that we take into consideration is the designing of the product. Everyone wants that their device should be smart and attractive in looks. And if we talk about the designing of AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera then I must say that it is so perfectly designed that it can easily attract a consumer.

People want a trail camera that can match to the location wherever it is mounted so that it cannot be easily mounted. And this best game camera is designed in a way that if you will mount it on a tree or near the bushes then no one can easily detect it.

Camera Quality: And now comes the camera quality of the product. Buying a wireless trail camera without a perfect camera quality is just useless. Because the camera plays the most important role then any trail camera should have an amazing camera quality. And AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera takes 16MP full-color images and 1080p HD videos clips with sound.

So the camera is just superb if we talk about the camera quality. And you can record the HD videos with clear sound. So not only the view but also the audio can also be recorded with best hunting camera. And its 2.4 inches LED screen will let you enjoy the captured videos and images anytime and anywhere. The camera will take up to 3 photos per trigger. So you can select the best one and delete others.

AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Cam

Super Power LEDs: AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera has a No-Glow infrared flash of 2psc invisible high power night vision LEDs. With this feature, this best game camera can take clear nighttime photos and videos as far as 25m/82ft without spooking wary animals.

Because of this feature, the trail cam can take the night shots easily and clearly without letting the animals know that their pictures have been clicked. So this best hunting camera can capture perfect shots not only in the daytime but also in the night time.

130 Degree Wide Angle Detection: The PIR sensor plus 130 degrees wide angle lens ensure the camera to cover the maximum area which extends the monitoring and shooting scope of the object. AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera has a great motion detection with the detection angle of center 70 degrees and side 60 degrees. 

IP56 Waterproof- Well, this attractive device is housed with the IP56 waterproofing technology. And it makes your device safe from water, dust, and even heat. And I am sure, if you are getting any device for yourself, you must be looking for the durable one.

And with this amazing device, you are going to get the most durable as well as the best trail camera 2022. And you are surely going to love this amazing device. It is a really very amazing one and you could enjoy endless photography, as no climatic condition or weather could ever stop this device.

So, this amazing device is going to be there for you as and when you required. And when you are investing a decent amount of money then I guess you must be wanting your device to last long. And if it is so, then it is the right choice for you. As it is going to be the best choice in terms of durability.

Safety with Warranty- Well, you didn’t need it, but still it comes with the warranty of a year. And I am pretty sure that you didn’t need one coz it is not going to have any issue in next 4-5 years depending on how you take care of it. But still, the company has provided you with a sound safety of a 12 months warranty.

AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Cam Review


  • 16MP and 1080P super HD image
  • Take up to 3 photos per trigger
  • No-Glow lighting trigger
  • 0.2 seconds faster trigger speed
  • IR flash trigger distance up to 30m/98ft
  • IP56 waterproof housing
  • Up to 12 months of in-field life
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty


  • It cannot send pictures to your phone.

Final Words About AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera

So these were the features which makes this best trail camera if not better then also not less attractive from other products available in the market. AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera supports all the features that the best game camera should have. And that is why I don’t think that reader can find any reason for not buying this wireless trail cam. 

So this was the complete review of this amazing game cam. Hope you liked the article. And if you really want to buy a trail cam then you can easily go for AIMTOM T905 Hunting Trail Camera without any if or but. Thank You.

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